Who we are and how and when we start?

We are in market since 2001 through projects with Hyundai Construction Company (four seasons hotel, MIMAR group (Dreamland) and the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI);

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The idea of the establishment of the company came through the search for solutions to problems facing customers, factories and construction companies.

With continuous research, we found that the maintenance of the iron is a significant burden in water treatment plants and desalination plant, sewage treatment and factories special chemical plants, paper treatment and cardboard and dyeing.....etc., 

because the iron does not bear the chemicals, dyes, fumes and it damage continuously, always needs for maintenance, paint, its heavy weight and easy recycling (Seductive to steal ),which constitutes a physical burden on the project, and also the injury risk .

Hence the spark started. With permanent Research and traveling we reached the new technology for fiberglass manufacture which is dealing with all the negative aspects of iron, it bears the chemicals and fumes and needs no maintenance and lighter weight of iron, up to 70%of the weight of the iron, even in 2011 we were only agents we design and import product from abroad, but the dream of local manufacturing was always looms. 

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A great way to catch your reader's attention is to tell a story. Everything you consider writing can be told as a story.

With constant effort and work of the dream, in 2012 we opened the first factory Nilefiberglass, we produce frp grating, tanks and fittings and mobile units of fiberglass, we were one of the first factories unless we are the first to use vacuum technology, we have test our own test tools, privately and exclusive we import raw materials for production in order to creativity . 

But this is not the end point, it Is the beginning we are continuing in the permanent search for new ideas to make the work environment better and easier and secure, let us politicians say creativity and development are base of progress and continuity.

Arch Ahmed Mahmoud Abbas


We have all kind of modern machines to fulfill with our clients requirements 


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