When talking about the treadmills made of fiberglass here we are talking about the basic problem that is found in all major projects, in particular sewage plants, chemical plants, paper mills, dyeing and oil refineries, the iron in these projects is a large material burden and many problems of rust And eat and maintain permanent, and come here walkers manufactured from fiber glass to deal with all the disadvantages of iron, it is a product that bears chemicals, water, vapors and pigments and bears high temperature bikes, and does not need any maintenance costs, when talking about this product, talk It does not end up being an irreplaceable iron substitute. 

What distinguishes Nile industrial Grating

  • Strength and lightweight compared to iron and stainless steel braces.

  • Easy cutting and installation.

  • Slip resistance.

  • Firefighting.

  • Not subject to theft where it cannot be recycled again.

  • Available in different colors.

  • We are separated as soon as possible.


  • In the sewers of factories, water and sewage plants, electricity and oil platforms

  • To cover drainage drains in garages

  • Covering the high-rise platforms in the factories for light weight work corridors around the reservoirs

  • Roof Cooling Towers

Detailed Specification

They are made of fiberglass (fiberglass) that resist and withstand the highest tensile strength, with the addition of chemicals (reins), which were invented and manufactured specifically to react and increase the strength of this fiber and give it the form to be manufactured and then the mixture is processed to get the maximum effort possible and so we have made Material of the best and strongest materials manufactured and compete with iron and stainless steel in price, weight and maintenance:

  • We produce the walkers with a very high quality finish.

  • Polyester of orthophathic, isofathyl and vinyl ester

  • Measurements of openings 33 * 33 mm

  • 7.5 mm thickness

  • We have a length of 1.25 meters x 4 meters.

  • All walks against the sun.

  • The product is lightweight (70% iron weight).

  • Do not react and resist the highest concentration of chemicals.

  • Resistant to vapors, dyes and acids.

  • Loads up to 2 tons per square meter.

Types of Grating we have

  • Strollers

  • Pull pullers

  • Walkers covered with Chaqured Plates (on one side or both sides)