Manhole Covers

The governments, the owners and the owners of large residential projects have been plagued by the theft of iron and flint covers. Therefore, the fiber-based covers have been thought to be designed to withstand heavy loads up to 45 tons to suit the installation in the streets, yards and tourist villages. It can not be manufactured and it also guarantees us the beautiful shape which does not need maintenance because it is resistant to all different weather factors

Nile Industries has succeeded in providing its products of covers to the Egyptian market at a quality level that matches the imported sheets from abroad but surpasses them. It can be produced up to 150 * 150 cm with the possibility of writing the customer name in the case of ordering the appropriate quantities

Our product

We manufacture fiberglass inspection covers for the many advantages that these covers contain from the resistance of steam, chemicals and water. They are very suitable for drainage projects, open areas, desert and coastal areas, also characterized by beautiful colors, eye-catching, aesthetic and decoration. Very for residential and residential projects

What distinguishes the inspection covers of Nile Industries BMC:

  • Manufactured according to the specification of European BSEN124-5

  • It is made of material that is not recycled or smelted, and therefore it is against thefts

  • Lower in weight than other manufactured products of cast iron

  • High resistance to friction and sunlight and therefore not affected by colors

  • It is characterized by long life compared to other products is rusty and does not wear and therefore does not require maintenance

  • Do not make noise when opening and closing it compared to the flower

  • Very high resistance to absorption of water, chemicals and acids

  • The possibility of writing the customer's name on the covers when ordering suitable quantities

Series no
Size cm
Cover weight kg
Frame weight kg 
Total weight kg 
NF 50
50x50 8.7 3.8 12.5 1.5
NF 50
7 3.8 10.8 4
NF 60
60x60 10 6.7 16.7 1.5
NF 60
12.3 6.7 19 4
NF 60
15.3 6.7 22 12.5
NF 70
70x70 19 8.5 27.5 4
NF 70 B
70x70 21 8.5 29.5 12.5


It is also used in several fields, including in food factories, water and sewage plants, electricity companies, paper mills, oil companies, textile factories and chemical plants.

Some features of fiberglass products

  • Strength and durability for hard service.

  • Stainless or corrosion, which distinguishes it strongly from metal walkers.

  • High resistance to chemicals, acids and gases emitted from sewage plants.

  • High resistance to erosion and ultraviolet radiation.

  • Flammable and fire resistant and conform to international standard specifications.

  • Light weight making it easy to lift and install, as well as easy maintenance.

  • Non-conductive and anti-slip.

  • It is made of environmentally friendly materials.

  • Is not subject to theft because the materials used in their manufacture are not re-used again.