We manufacture all kinds of reservoirs suitable for all projects. We manufacture water reservoirs that save water and help prevent bacteria formation. We manufacture chemical tanks that do not React with chemicals even in the highest concentrations and the highest temperature, and also suitable for the desert and coastal areas and for its strong sun and salt water, we make reservoirs of fiberglass because it is the only solution to maintain investment and money client.

What distinguishes the creativity tank (Nile Fiber Glass):

  • Made according to British Standard BS 4994/97

  • The materials to be manufactured shall be selected according to D3299

  • The manufacturing steps are subject to the American specification D638

  • Manufacturing is followed by the FILAMENT WINDING method

  • The tank is painted with a buffer against the sun

  • The possibility of manufacturing a ladder of fiberglass connected to the tank

  • The pressure is up to 8 bar

  • The possibility of manufacturing Qatar is 1,60 - 2 - 2,80 - 3,60 - 4 m

  • The possibility of manufacturing a tank up to 100 cubic meters in diameter 4 meters