Units made of fiberglass

Fiberglass units are the perfect alternative to wood, sheet and buildings

Because there are several advantages:

  • The unit is ready and installed in the site without the need for any labor

  • All Nile units are made from the finest materials that resist sunlight and heat

  • You do not need an Active Paint as the product is colored

  • The possibility of providing additional thermal insulation in the desert areas

  • The possibility of supplying units with solar cells

  • Equipped with electricity connectors and telephones


  • In construction sites as an alternative to metal caravans

  • As units to sell products in the combined markets

  • As mobile management offices

  • As changing rooms on beaches and swimming pools

  • Temporary restrooms in construction sites

  • As a room for the stay of the guards and guards

  • As an alternative to building rooms in places not authorized for construction

Our Clients

For buildings, villas, companies and banks for security rooms

In garages and malls for collection rooms

To be used in the gardens as a store or above the roofs for building violations

Petroleum companies and contractors used for temporary residence in remote areas